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November 19, 2019

Eco-Friendly Gift Giving Guide 2019 (Plus Coupons!)

Eco-friendly gifts 2019

I have always been a good gift giver. My family has a few people who are difficult to shop for (whose doesn’t?) and year after year people turn to me for gift ideas. I enjoy the challenge of selecting the perfect present that will surprise and delight my loved ones every holiday season, which is why I am so excited to share this eco-friendly gift giving guide for 2019. This sustainable present list is filled with zero-waste gift ideas that will please your loved ones and reduce their carbon footprint. I also made deals with many of the sustainable companies on this list, such as EarthHero and Vegancuts, to provide coupon discounts to help stretch your dollars this holiday season. These gifts are good for the planet and your wallet. If you’re reading this post after the holidays, the coupon codes still work!

Oakywood Wireless Phone Charger

1. Oakywood Wooden Phone Wireless Charger (save 10% with the EarthHero coupon code EARTHFLUENCE)

The wireless charging pad from Oakywood is a minimalist dream. It’s beautiful, charges phones quickly (3 hours or less), and it’s handcrafted from sustainably-sourced wood, with two options: Oak and Walnut. Oakywood is committed to sustainability; they plant a tree for every order and use recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Each wireless charger is handmade in Poland by artisans who support sustainable initiatives. The charger ships for free from the United States.

Vegancuts snack subscription box

2. Subscription boxes from Vegancuts (save $5 off your first subscription box with the Vegancuts coupon code EARTHFLUENCE)

Subscription boxes are truly the gifts that keep on giving, with flexible delivery dates that span from one-time delivery to monthly boxes throughout the year. The excitement and anticipation of receiving a package filled with mysterious new items each month is sure to be a popular gift this holiday season. My favorite subscription boxes come from Vegancuts. Their team carefully selects each brand they include in their beauty, makeup, and snack subscription boxes to ensure they only partner with conscious brands. Vegancuts also features an animal sanctuary every month and donates a portion of the proceeds to support these sanctuaries.

If you don’t want to commit to gifting a monthly subscription, consider signing up for a quarterly or one-time subscription box delivery. Vegancuts also offers one-time only gift boxes this time of year, such as their vegan chocolate box (I have personally received this as a gift, and believe me, the chocolates are amazingly good).

Pro tip: Want to save even more? You can use the Vegancuts coupon code twice if you want to gift a subscription plus try one for yourself (saving $10 total). Visit the Vegancuts site and use the coupon code EARTHFLUENCE to save money today!
Larq water bottle UV technology

3. Larq water bottle

Water bottles are saving the planet from disposable plastic bottles, and the Larq self-cleaning, water purifying bottle is sure to be a hit with the eco-friendly people in your life. It purifies water in 60 seconds with the touch of a button, leading to pure, safe drinking water. The UV technology the water bottle uses to clean itself also cleans the bottle itself, keeping both the water and the bottle stink-free. Larq also keeps hot beverages hot or 12 hours and cold beverages cool for 24 hours. It is lightweight, making this the perfect accessory for your friends who bring water on the go. The bottle comes in four colors and is available for Prime shipping on Amazon.

FinalStraw rainbow straw grey keychain

4. FinalStraw Collapsible Travel Straw 2.0

FinalStraw raised over $1.8 million on Kickstarter, and it’s not hard to see why. Their revolutionary straws are portable, easy to assemble, and easy to clean. FinalStraw is available in 7 color options and will help your loved ones to #suckresponsibly. You can buy FinalStraw at EarthHero for $24.99 (save 10% with the EarthHero coupon code EARTHFLUENCE) or at Amazon with Prime shipping for $24.95.

House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth Speaker

5. House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth Speaker (save 10% with the Earthhero coupon code EARTHFLUENCE)

This little speaker packs a punch! It features two 2.5” woofers and two .75” tweeters, giving this portable speaker a glorious range of sound. The speaker has 10 hours of playtime with each charge and 15 meters of range. The bluetooth speaker is made from bamboo, upcycled organic cotton, upcycled hemp, and recycled PET. House of Marley also plants a tree for every item purchased and has planted over 25,000 trees so far! This bluetooth speaker is beautiful and good for the environment.

Girlfriend Collective Moss High-Rise Compressive Leggings

6. Girlfriend Collective Moss High-Rise Compressive Leggings (save 10% your entire Girlfriend Collective order with the coupon code EARTHFLUENCE)

These leggings are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and feature a unique four-way stretch, ensuring they stay in place for high-intensity workouts. The leggings use less raw materials, water, and CO2 to manufacture than conventional leggings, making them a guilt-free gift. These leggings have no see-through fabric, so they are safe for the gym and as an accessory to your favorite outfit. Girlfriend Collective products are ethically made in a fair labor, Social Accountable International-certified factory (SAI) in Vietnam. The leggings are also recyclable through the company’s ReGirlfriend program. Girlfriend Collective leggings are available in sever different sizes and three colors: black, grey, and plum. Save 10% when you order with the code EARTHFLUENCE on EarthHero’s website.

Eco-friendly bluetooth headphones by House of Marley

7. Positive Vibration 2 Bluetooth Headphones (save 10% with the coupon code EARTHFLUENCE)

Powerful 40mm dynamic drivers provide great bass and precise sound with these eco-friendly headphones by House of Marley. The bluetooth headphones have 10-12 hours of battery life and can be used with or without the tangle-free cord. The Positive Vibration 2 bluetooth headphones are also made from sustainable materials, such as recyclable aluminum and upcycled fabric, and ship in recyclable packaging. Additionally, the manufacturer plants a tree for every pair sold. The headphones also come with a two year limited warranty. The tree-hugging audiophile in your life will love them!

8. Hyggelight Oliver Vegan Soy Candle and Planter (save 10% with the coupon code EARTHFLUENCE)

These Hyggelight (pronounced hoo-ga light) candles are three gifts in one! Not only are they a candle, but they are also a ceramic pot and a plant. This 22 oz candle comes in a handmade reusable ceramic pot and the paper wrapper is wildflower seeds. Once the candle is finished burning, just fill the ceramic pot with soil and plant the label to grow wildflowers. The candles are made with 100% pure soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick. These candles are available in 11 scents, handmade in small batches in Ohio, and ship in a plastic-free recyclable cardboard box.

Eco Home Gift Box by EarthHero

9. Eco Home Gift Box from EarthHero (save 10% off your entire order with the EarthHero coupon code EARTHFLUENCE)

The Eco Home Gift Box from EarthHero features products crafted from sustainable materials that transform a home into a zero-waste space. The gift box includes a variety of eco-friendly items, such as beeswax food wraps, bamboo condiment cups, Kind dish towels, and a reclaimed wooden soap dish for $105.00 (or only $94.50 with the coupon code EARTHFLUENCE plus 10% off the rest of your order). All the products and their packaging is plastic-free and recyclable. If the Eco Home Gift Box doesn’t tickle your fancy, EarthHero has a variety of other gift packages to choose from at a variety of prices, such as the Zero Waste Lunch Kit for $74.99 and the Mindful Grocer Kit for $27.98.

Hemptique Hemp Tablet Bag eco-friendly

10. Hemptique Hemp Tablet Bag (use the coupon code EARTHFLUENCE for 10% off your order)

This hemp laptop bag is so stylish and cute for all genders, in addition to being eco-friendly! The bag is made from organic hemp and ships in recyclable packaging. Hemptique is committed to sustainability too; they set goals to research and develop new eco-friendly products to share with the world, ensuring the money you spend is delivering good to the world.

There you have it! May your holiday season be filled with goodwill towards people, animals, and the planet.

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