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72% of travelers  say they need to act now to decrease their carbon footprint. Flying first class on a single domestic round trip can contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than one year of driving. Hotels account for 15% of all water use in the US. Improve your travel karma by making sustainable travel choices.

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Why sustainable travel is important


What is sustainable tourism?

Just like everything else in the internet age, there is a variety of sub niches within the green travel industry. The premise of sustainable tourism is to leave the places you visit better off than they were when you arrived. This includes making a positive impact for the people, environment, and the local economy. Responsible travel minimizes your carbon footprint on the surrounding ecosystem, keeps local traditions alive, vibrant, and celebrated for years to come, and helps to improve the financial circumstances of the local/indigenous people. 


Why is sustainable tourism important?

International flights are up from 25M in 1950 to 1.1 billion in 2015. In the Caribbean Islands, up to 80% of money generated by tourism goes into foreign pockets, instead of staying within the community. These people work for the tourism industry, but are kept in poverty by their foreign overlords. The choices you make as a tourist have drastic impacts on the local’s lives and the planet. 


What is the carbon footprint of airtravel?

Air travel is expected to account for 25% of all carbon emissions by the year 2050. Flying first class on one round-trip flight within the US can contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than one year of driving. Airlines have taken steps to decrease their carbon footprint, but the demand for air travel vastly outpaces any progress made.

OUr mission

My mission is to merge environmentalism with travel. I provide reviews on sustainable tours, hotels, and travel practices, along with eco-friendly products, responsible travel tips, and a plethora of inappropriate travel photos. We all share this world--let's leave the places we visit in better condition than they were in when we first arrived.

About me

Hi, I'm Serena!

Professional people watcher, clean karma junkie, and cat mom extraordinaire. I started Earthfluence to share my knowledge of sustainable travel with the world (along with my extraordinary talent of taking pictures of other people taking pictures) and to inspire fellow tripsters to be hungry for responsible tourism practices. Sustainability has always been a top priority for me, which is why I decided to pair my passion for travel with the global necessity of reducing my carbon footprint.  Follow my misadventures on influencing the travel industry to normalize green travel practices across the globe by adding Earthfluence to your RSS feed and subscribing to my newsletter. Check back frequently to improve your travel karma while living unforgettable travel experiences.